Partner Benefits

Remove a barrier in the sales cycle:
The Lease/Finance option allows the customer to minimize and manage the cash outlay from equipment acquisition to deployment. This accomplishes two main objectives: 1) Increased ROI to the customer 2) The equipment is amortized through the lease term-depending on structure. This enables the client to accurately forecast cost savings on a month-to-month basis while managing cash, which is always a critical issue for any company.

Give your customers a choice:
Cash or Lease/Finance? We have the tools to help a customer decide which method is the best for them. Many times, a lease provides real savings in after-tax, net present value dollars. These savings can often reduce the need for discounting, and or allow the customer to buy additional equipment on the “wish list” but not in the budget. Either way, you have increased the value that you bring to the customer.

Be Creative:
As partners we can design finance promotions to help increase sales and provide customer value.

Additional Schedules for Additional Equipment:
We can address future capital needs for the customer and develop plans to accommodate those future funding needs.

medical equipment

Features and Benefits

  • Application Only to $300,000
  • Competitive Industry Pricing
  • Flexible Lease Terms
  • Stable, Proven Credit Policies
  • Electronic Funding Documents Available
  • Timely Credit Approvals
  • Step, Skip, Seasonal and Deferred Payment Structures
  • Knowledgeable, Experienced Sales Professionals