Add Value in the Sales Cycle

In a competitive market place, where product differentiation is very close, adding value at every level of the sales process is critical. Trifin Capital understands that finance will not sell a product on its own. It can however make the difference in a competitive situation.

Partner Benefits

Remove a barrier in the sales cycle:
The customer’s perception of what it will cost to implement a new software solution and the actual cost of the project always vary. The Lease/Finance option allows the customer to minimize and manage the cash outlay from project inception to completion. This accomplishes two main objectives: 1) Increased ROI to the customer 2) The benefit of the solution is amortized through the lease term. This enables the client to accurately forecast cost savings on a month-to-month basis while managing cash, which is always a critical issue for any company.

Give your customers a choice:
Cash or Lease/Finance? We have the tools to help a customer decide which method is the best for them. Many times a lease provides real savings in after-tax, net present value dollars. These savings can often reduce the need for discounting, and or allow the customer to buy modules that are on the “wish list” but not in the budget. Either way, you have increased the value that you bring to the customer, and increased your closing opportunity.

Be Creative:
As partners we can design programs that will work well within certain customer demographics. Manufactures always have cash flow issues, we can offer a differed rent program, or 0% financing for a certain time frame. The net result is that we are working together to make more sales, and solve customer problems.

Gain Greater Control over your customer base:
With simple add on schedules, we can facilitate easy upgrades to new versions of the software, while bundling service and maintenance dollars as well.

Bring Value:
A company that does not deliver customer value will not be in business long. Our mission is to help bring value to every opportunity that we engage on. You gain advantage over companies with no program.

Adding Value is what we do as part of your sales process.

  • How will the customer pay for the equipment or the services?
  • How can I add value to this part of the sale?
  • What budget issues are they facing?
  • Is my potential client seasonal with business cycles?
  • How and where are they spending company capital?
  • How can I increase the ROI associated with this purchase?

These are the questions that Trifin Capital focuses on during the sales process. We have the knowledge and the experience to navigate through issues and engineer a solution that will work the best for your client – soon to be our mutual client.

In many instances, we’re able to construct a solution that helps our partners sell services and equipment that the client was pushing back on due to budget or business issues. From the client’s perspective, we offer on-balance sheet and off-balance sheet solutions with predictable cash flows for an equipment project.

Features and Benefits

  • Application Only to $75,000
  • Competitive Industry Pricing
  • Flexible Lease Terms
  • Stable, Proven Credit Policies
  • On-line Applications
  • Timely Credit Approvals
  • Step, Skip, Seasonal and Deferred Payment Structures
  • Knowledgeable, Experienced Sales Professionals

Partial list of software/hardware vendors






Bar Code Direct

Program Overview/Benefits

  • Reduce DSO/Credit Risk on implementation
  • Provide on option for credit qualified customers to fund and expense their implementation/migration costs via a lease line over a three year term
  • Up front services are now just a monthly payment
  • Eliminate budget issues on implementation costs
  • Provide capital to cover a larger implementation scope, giving the customer greater value and options – more services, less financial impact
  • Services are funded per the project plan with the customer

“Trifin Capital, Inc. is a trusted business partner, that ensures our clients have the best possible funding solution for their software and services investments with us.”

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