Lease Funding for Heavy-Duty Lift Equipment

Trifin Capital, Inc. specializes in providing lease funding for heavy-duty lift equipment.

Program Overview/Benefits
  • Provide on option for credit qualified customers to fund and expense their costs via a lease line over a specific term
  • Reduce or eliminate budget issues
  • Provide capital to cover a larger project scope, giving the customer greater value and options – more services, less financial impact

Cal-Lift Promotional Pricing Program

This calculator is for planning purposes only. All quotes are subject to credit approval, current market rates, and are non-binding.

Estimated Budget Payment

This calculator provides budget pricing and brief overview of leasing benefits available from Trifin Capital, Inc. for your lift or yard truck project with Cal-Lift as your vendor of choice. As is customary, in a normal purchase, the costs arrive up-front, but the benefits arrive later. Leasing smooths out the costs. We establish predictable and manageable payments, improve financial liquidity, and preserve lines of credit for our customers.

Please use the budget payments for planning with your customer (subject to revision/formal credit review).

To move forward please have the customer complete the Trifin credit application and upload the last three months bank statements. You will be notified via email once the application and bank statements have been received by credit. Formal credit should be completed within 24 hours or less depending on when the information has been received.

Features and Benefits
  • Credit Application Program to $350,000.00
  • Lease Lines of Credit available to accommodate projects up to $5,000,000.00
  • Competitive Industry Pricing
  • Flexible Lease Terms
  • Stable, Proven Credit Policies
  • On-line Applications
  • Timely Credit Approvals
  • Knowledgeable, Experienced Sales Professionals