About Us

Trifin Capital, Inc. is an equipment finance and lease consultant firm dedicated to serving the leasing needs of its business partners. If you are a technology vendor investigating a lease program for customers; or a company simply trying to engineer the funding of a technology project, Trifin Capital can offer valuable assistance.

Trifin Capital has over 26 years of experience structuring equipment leases. Experience, integrity, speed and reliability are what we provide when helping your company solve equipment lease requirements.

What We Do
We have been providing multi-million dollar leasing solutions and vendor programs since 1998. With a knowledge base spanning decades, we have a depth of knowledge on how to engineer the transaction for your benefit.
Some of the equipment we fund:
  • computer hardware
  • software
  • implementation services
  • network hardware/software
  • audio + visual equipment
  • telecommunications equipment
  • robotics
  • manufacturing + production equipment
  • medical & dental equipment
“Trifin Capital, Inc. is a trusted business partner, that ensures our clients have the best possible funding solution for their software and services investments with us.”

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