Equipment Finance & Lease Consulting

More Than 26 Years of Experience

Tri-Fin Capital, Inc.

Experience, Integrity, Speed and Reliability.
What your company needs when selecting a funding partner for your equipment project.
Tri-Fin Capital, Inc. has been providing multi-million dollar leasing solutions and vendor programs for over 26 years.
With a knowledge base spanning decades, we have the expertise to engineer the transaction for your benefit.


In a competitive market place, where product differentiation is very close, adding value at every level of the sales process is critical. Tri-Fin Capital, Inc. understands that finance will not sell a product on its own. It can however make the difference in a competitive situation.


Benefits of working with Tri-Fin Capital, Inc. for your leasing solutions include cash flow management, cost-effective use of capital, and speed of funding.


With flexible structures available to meet project requirements, and the ability to lease software implementation services only, Tri-Fin Capital, Inc. will find the best lease option for your particular situation.
“I have worked with Tri-Fin Capital, Inc. for many years, and feel confident when introducing them to my customers. Tri-Fin understands how to work with many different business models to meet their capital needs. When doing large ERP type implementations, it is important to find a partner that can understand both the flexibility and the timing that these large projects require. CFO’s especially appreciate Tri-Fin’s understanding of business and financial acumen.”

Suzanne Clarke | Dynamics Enterprise Manager | Microsoft